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Curating Tuesday’s @ Tusculum

Redshift, with Laura Harding and Thomas A Rivard, has curated a series of up to 4 talks at the NSW Institute of Architects, for their Tuesdays @ Tusculum series. The series was inspired by an ex lecturer of ours who was bemoaning the fact that he still had a huge amount to offer the architectural community, but was no longer invited to give talks or lectures. We agreed he had a point and Antecedence was born. Instead, however, of creating a platform for a lecture we decided it would be interesting to hear from educators and their ex-students about the influence that comes to play at university in a student’s formative years. We nevertheless throw down the challenge to all our architectural and educational institutions to not forget the resources at your disposal and please involve and engage with those perhaps semi-retired educators and continue to draw upon their wealth of knowledge and experience.

We describe our series of talks thusly:

An architect’s career is often described in terms of a lineage of the practices and architects they have worked with – yet prior to practice comes the formative influence of architectural education. The effect of these years on the evolving architect is equally important. The impact of particular educators remains talismanic for some, or a source of reaction and counterpoint to others.
This series of talks is structured as a dialogue between educators and their former students and offers an opportunity to explore the influence of formal teaching in architecture over time. What are the aspects of an architectural education that provoke, refocus or sustain an architect over the course of a career? What resonance does the touchstone of an architect’s education have when measured at 5, 10 and 20 years of practice?

Sadly we’ve been a little lax of late with our posts and our first talk was last Tuesday night with Helen Lochhead and Alex Koll, who both exceeded expectations with an engaging and enlightening presentation and conversation. Future talks are scheduled for 11 October (NB: changed from original post): featuring Swetik Korzeniewski & Andrew Burges, 18 October features Michael Chapman and Timothy Burke and then 15 November: speakers TBA. Keep an eye on the NSW Institute of Architects Website for further details.

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