Articulated Townhouses

Striving to overcome the claustrophobia of limited living and outdoor spaces, these contemporary townhouses do a lot with a little.
It’s design for the many, not the few.

The Articulated Townhouses are a compact hybrid row house/ townhouse proposal for a restricted and isolated corner site in Burwood. They will nevertheless deliver generous accomodation in a compact plan. They have been conceived of as small attached houses, in contrast with the predominance of apartments in Burwood. Designed to suit a number of households, they will provide a genuine alternative in the area, whether for couples, young families, downsizing empty nesters or share households.

The larger terraces accomodate a second living area and with numerous living spaces, flexibility of use is encouraged. Each dwelling is given multiple outdoor spaces, either on ground level or above and with a choice of orientation – allowing the residents to sit in the sun or the shade depending on preference and time of year.