Cairn of the Horizon

The void was conceived to connect sand sea and sky. © Brett Boardman

This site specific work builds upon conceptual themes of an earlier Sculpture by the Sea work Vessel of the Horizon in 2003. This work, however, extends the concept to engage more with the geometry of the site, as well as the site’s elements and materials, in addition to the horizon and its light.

The Cairn of the Horizon is planimetrically conceived as the notional geometric central point of Tamarama Bay. The focal geometry reinforced within the concave centre of the Cairn. Viewed in reverse, ie looking out to sea, the cavity frames a vertical view of sand sea and sky, whilst from a higher vantage point the horizon is framed. The stone of the work is both emblematic of the cliffs of Tamarama, the sand of its beach, and is literally of the immediate locale (quarried in North Bondi).