Dulwich Hill Apartments

Context &Design Brief
The brief from our client was to maximise the value of a consolidated lot that had been in family company ownership for several years following a previously unsuccessful Development Application (prior to our involvement).

The consolidated lot is made up of 3 parcels of land: An unusual battleaxe lot with access from Canterbury Road which has a higher floor space allocation, and two residential lots with frontages to Cobar Street. To achieve the most efficient outcome for this challenging situation, the three lots were consolidated with vehicular and pedestrian access provided from (the rear residential) Cobar Street. The handle of the battle axe which was too narrow for redevelopment was subdivided off to allow for further consolidation with other adjoining lots.

Design Approach
In consultation with Council prior to submission of the Development Application a preferred strategy was developed to provide two buildings with a generously scaled courtyard between them. The two buildings share a single lift, while a bridge connects the two to provide access to a single elevated corridor providing access to all the elevated rear units.

Design Outcome
The building sits comfortably within the three storey scale of the existing street and is a hybrid; apartment building, and townhouses. The ground floor townhouses at the rear have direct access via an internal stair from individual lock-up garages within the basement of the building.

All units face north and are cross ventilated to maximise environmental efficiency and comfort. All living rooms face the street and courtyard to provide active faces to the more public faces, minimising the need to provide windows which would otherwise overlook potentially objecting neighbours. Despite the generous scale of the access corridors and lobbies, these are few in order to maximise the amount of space within the development for the units themselves and confine the floorspace to Council’s maximum floor space requirements.