Hayes Park

Hayes Park is conceived as a striated landscape. The concept is redolent of references to local attributes features, as well as standing on the shoulders of such creative giants such as Daniel Buren and Jeffrey Smart. The Art Concept Plan and design was developed in collaboration with Landscape Architects Melissa Wilson Landscape Architects.

The concept integrates the artwork into the design of the park whilst remaining a distinct aspect of the park that is neither precisely infrastructure nor part of the natural landscape. It is an unmistakable intervention that is also an innate part of the landscape of Hayes Park and is accomplished through the use of three families of banded precast concrete elements. Each family, whilst sculptural in character serves an additional role within the park: threshold, seating and lighting. In addition to this conception of sculptural duality, the park is further enhanced by a consideration of the nocturnal character of the park design and art concept, through the utilisation of retro-reflective paint in tandem with strategic lighting.

Banded Objects
A series of banded objects located within the park, poles, terraced walls, bollards and benches. Banding within the ground plane forms steps, paths, grassed planes and planted beds. Horizontal bands consist of a single painted colour for each object, either red or green, and a band of white retro reflective paint. Banding is restrained and strategic, rather than overpowering and an imposition within the park. Utilising off the shelf pre-cast concrete products forming an odd topography at the thresholds of the park, processions through the park and stands of objects within the park. They are familiar but deployed in an unfamiliar way, becoming as if elements in a Jeffrey Smart painting.

Retro Reflective Landscape & Lighting
LED lights focus on the reflective surfaces within the park. Cycling from white light at dusk to red late in the evening, a belated sunset minimising late night light pollution. The retro reflective paint delivers an otherworldly spectacle from the light reflected from the painted bands. Hayes Park would become a magical place at night, glimpses of shimmery reflection, coloured light playing across the landscape. Effects visible from passing cars, to evening pedestrians and even from apartments.