Light Field

This site specific work was created in response to the strong prevailing November winds over Marks Park Bondi  and the site’s strong topography. Referencing “Lightning Field”, a site specific work by the American sculptor Walter de Maria, “Light Field” explores notions of topography, human scale within the landscape and wind.

A square grid has been laid upon the the landscape with light heads located at a notional adult eye height. Light Field falls with the slope rather than seeking the level datum utilised by “Lightning Field”. The diurnal manifestation is a subtle swaying field of light tipped bamboo poles with the kinetic play of the wind turbine.

Nocturnally, the field becomes a shifting blanket of flashing lights, suspended above the ground, increasing in intensity and regularity with the strength of the wind.

My first major artwork shown in public… Always had a soft spot for it… really captures some of the things that are important to me: the site specific, a direct relationship to the environment and varies with the time of day and the prevailing conditions.