Music Box - Anti-Music Box

Music Box – Anti-Music Box is the continuation of a body of site-specific projects with the illusive central to its strategy. Further to these projects is an interest in and examination of the boundary condition, particularly that of a black hole, its Event Horizon. Departing from the visual response to site explored in the previous works, Music Box – Anti-Music Box instead is conceived of as a soundscape of and about the sun – a response to the site as aural/spatial experience and as receiver of sunlight and sound.

The title of the work alludes to a scientific theory in which sub-atomic particles and their anti-particles are constantly winking in and out of existence, given fleeting life until they meet their opposite, obliterating one another in an imperceptible and illusive dance of existence. In Music Box – Anti-Music Box the photon and its anti-photon are conceptually translated into an illusive musical refrain, conceivably its brief tune, also escaping identification.

Five solar armatures, supporting photovoltaics, a battery and a mechanical music box, are dispersed across a site. Streams of photons converted into a flow of electrons powering a fleeting refrain of pressure waves: the brief tune bearing witness to its source. An unseen cadence obscures the melody’s flow, an audience moving through the site surprised by an illusive tune, only able to grasp the briefest of impressions.

Music Box – Anti-Music Box is a paean on the sub-atomic, the illusive and the space of the interior.