Polyhouse | Manorhouse

Polyhouse arose to fulfill an opportunity to provide well designed multi-dwelling homes within the reach of typical landowners with no prior building or development experience. Polyhouses are like a big ‘house’ containing 2-4 independent homes suited to a range of clients including downsizers, empty nesters, extended families, investors or housing providers that see value in building multiple house like dwellings at the location of their current home or land.

Polyhouse is a joint venture created by Redshift Architecture & Art partnering with a building company to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for the combined design and construction of pre-designed homes suitable for statewide approval and construction.

Polyhouses are pre-designed to comply with the NSW Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code as Manor Houses, Dual Occupancies or Duplexes. The pre-designed housing types are suited to typical suburban lots and come in a range of configurations to address different lot sizes, orientations and dwelling numbers (2-4).

What Polyhouses offer that a traditional design and build process can’t match is fast approval. The pre-designed arrangements can be approved via a CDC (Complying Development Certificate) offering a fast approval process; only weeks, when compared to a traditional design/approval via the conventional Development Application process, which can take many months. Combining design and construction services provides further time and cost savings for our clients.

Where site access and construction is suitable for prefabrication Polyhouses can be erected in a single day following completion of factory prefabrication. This additional benefit mitigates delays due to wet weather and offers all of the time and cost efficiencies associated with a production line process that can deliver quality new homes within a year of initial consultation.

Each Polyhouse is designed to be as house-like as possible. Each dwelling has a front door to the street and most have ground floor living rooms that open  directly onto a rear garden offering a genuine and more affordable alternative to the single house on a suburban lot.


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