What do we do?

Our projects are sensitively integrated into their settings and community with broader consideration for sustainability.

Our expertise includes:

Small footprint High impact Houses

Does your current home feel constrained? Are you wondering how to make it better suit your way of life while improving its environmental performance? (click heading for more)

If you’ve outgrown your home and want to unlock unforeseen potential, while adapting it to contemporary requirements you’ve come to the right place. We design houses for our clients that transcend their apparent limitations without extinguishing their rich histories. We’ve developed strategies for alterations and additions and new homes to address some of the most challenging and constrained projects; Semis, terraces, or unusual sites.

With an emphasis on neighbourliness and incorporating sound urban and environmental principles, the houses we design for our clients are modest, generous and unique in equal measure.

We offer no obligation free in office consultations, so if you are curious to understand the possibilities of your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

To prepare for that meeting, we have a questionnaire to get the conversation started. Please click the button below to download the questionnaire.

If you want to know more about the way we work with our clients and whether we have the values you might be seeking in an architect see our  “What are you seeking?” page.

Download the PDF Brief Questionnaire

Medium Density Housing

Are you a housing provider, developer, or property owner seeking medium density housing solutions? (click heading for more)

We believe that everyone deserves a good home and all that entails, as well as access to community, facilities, nature and public transport. We have dedicated our careers to focusing on housing; Building knowledge, continuously researching and exploring possibilities in real and speculative projects.

Redshift have delivered housing designs that have questioned conventions and in so doing delivered unique outcomes. We have developed housing typologies that challenge common predispositions by embodying Australian aspirational qualities and expectations for a house and garden but at medium densities, providing unique solutions for Sydney’s Missing Middle. Our projects have been awarded at local and state level awards for doing just that.

We also have a comprehensive understanding of the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code and the possibilities it presents.

If you want to understand what is possible for your site please don’t hesitate to contact us. All it takes is a property address and an idea of what you’re trying to achieve for us to prepare a brief report of the possibilities. We provide this service to our clients for a flat fee of $300+GST (for a single residential site). You can download a sample report using the button below. If you would like to do some of your own homework to work out what might be possible on your site you can find a guide here.

Download a Sample Report

Community Projects

Are you a Community based organisation, NGO, Church, housing provider or Council trying to understand how to improve your existing buildings or facilities? (click heading for more)

Undertaking work for community groups requires a particular mindset. It requires decision making that considers benefit to most. At Redshift we refer to this as ‘Seeking Common Good’. Community projects require a tireless pursuit for the greatest Common Good. Community projects require careful leadership, consultation, cooperation and coordination to develop a vision that ensures that a community’s outcomes are delivered responsibly.

Whether your community is a Surf Club, NGO, Housing provider, Church or other community based organisation we are here to service you. We have the necessary skills to coordinate complex multi-stakeholder briefs and refine them into coherent proposals that mediate and complement (the often) divergent stakeholder requirements.

These projects can be sensitive. We are mindful that sometimes only a small initial commitment is justifiable to determined the viability of a particular idea or project, so don’t be concerned in contacting us with a tentative idea.

Every project starts with a discussion. If you’re not sure about a project and need some help, all you need to do is contact us here. No obligations. We’re happy to assist organisations like yours in seeking what they need.

If you want to know more about the way we work with our clients and whether we have the values you might be seeking in an architect see our  “What are you seeking?” page.

Sustainability and Adaptive Reuse

Are you concerned about our direction as a society, and seeking to tread life with a smaller footprint? (click heading for more)

Well, did you know that the most sustainable action you may take in a building project is not to build at all! This should always be the starting point of every project.

From here, keep as much as you can, adapt what you must, and build only what you need. If you do need to build, then build it as sustainably as you can and minimise ongoing energy consumption by embodying passive and active approaches to reduce resource dependance and energy. This hierarchy is important, but every project has different starting points, be it an empty site, heritage building, density or budget. Sustainability is rooted into our client’s projects using a combination of understatedly passive or more assertive active measures.

Whether you are considering alterations and additions to an existing dwelling, a new build or the redevelopment of a complex Surf Club to service the needs of an evolving community; We have the expertise to navigate these complex projects with the necessary skills and understanding to overcome their physical and environmental challenges.




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