Who do we serve?

Whether you’re trying to extract more out of a compact house, provide two or more homes to replace a single house in the suburbs of Sydney or working with your local community group to fulfil the broader needs of its membership, we are here to serve you.

We believe that the most important work is to be found in building sustainable communities and multi-residential work, particularly at medium densities.

The aspiration for a house with a garden in Australia often translates to the single lot house, remote from transport, shops and other facilities. We believe that everyone is entitled to a good home and all that it entails; good layout, climatic response, access to community facilities, public transport and nature. Our work is driven by satisfying the cultural aspiration for a house with a garden at medium densities, and working with more connected communities to provide alternatives that challenge social, economic and environmental preconceptions.

We serve those that are curious enough to be looking for alternatives; individuals, families and organisations that are invested in their local communities and those interested in building the places for them.