Who do we serve?

We serve individuals, families and organisations that are invested in their local communities and those interested in building the places for them.

Whether you’re trying to extract more out of a compact house, provide 2 or more homes to replace a single house in the middle ring suburbs of Sydney or working with a local community group to fulfil the needs of its members, we are here to serve you.

Redshift, have long held the view that the most important work is to be found in building sustainable communities and multi-residential work, particularly at medium densities.

The aspiration for a house and garden more often than not delivers poor housing design and remote access to transport, shops and other amenities.

We believe that everyone deserves a good home and all that entails, including access to community facilities, nature and public transport. We challenge the social, economic and environmental un-sustainability of the prevailing ‘remote’ single lot house and work to develop closer, more connected neighbourhoods and communities.